mstreg - Man Page

Expose supported access registers





mstreg [OPTIONS]


Exposes supported access registers, and allows users to obtain information regarding the registers fields and attributes, and to set and get data with specific register.


-h |--help

: Display help message.

-v |--version

: Display version info.

-d |--device

<device>               : Perform operation for a specified mst device.

-a |--adb_file

<adb_file>             : An external ADB file


<reg_name>             : Known access register name


<reg_ID>               : Access register ID


<reg_length>           : Access register layout length (bytes)

-i |--indexes

<idxs_vals>            : Register indexes

-g |--get

: Register access GET

-s |--set

<reg_dataStr>          : Register access SET


<reg_name>             : Print the fields of a given reg access (must have reg_name)


: Print all available reg access'


: Non-interactive mode, answer yes to all questions


Show all available access register

: mstreg -d <device> --show_regs

Show all fields of register PAOS

: mstreg -d <device> --show_reg PAOS

GET PAOS with indexes: local port 0x1 and swid 0x5:

mstreg -d <device> --get --reg_name PAOS --indexes "local_port=0x1,swid=0x5"

SET PAOS with indexes: local port 0x1 and swid 0x5, and data: e 0x0:

mstreg -d <device> --set "e=0x0" --reg_name PAOS --indexes "local_port=0x1,swid=0x5"

See Also

The full documentation for mstreg, is maintained as a Texinfo manual.  If the info and mstreg, programs are properly installed at your site, the command

info mstreg,

should give you access to the complete manual.


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