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mstfwreset - Man Page

Query and perform reset operation on the device


usage: mstfwreset --device DEVICE [--level {0,3,4,5}] [--type {0,1}] [--yes]

[--skip_driver] [--mst_flags MST_FLAGS] [--version] [--help] [--skip_fsm_sync] {q,query,r,reset,reset_fsm_register}

mstfwreset : The tool provides the following functionality in order to load new firmware

1. Query the device for the supported reset-level and reset-type 2. Perform reset operation on the device


--device DEVICE, -d DEVICE

Device to work with

--level {0,3,4,5}, -l {0,3,4,5}

Run reset with the specified reset-level

--type {0,1}, -t {0,1}

Run reset with the specified reset-type

--yes,  -y

answer "yes" on prompt

--skip_driver,  -s

Skip driver start/stop stage (driver must be stopped manually)

--mst_flags MST_FLAGS, -m MST_FLAGS

Provide mst flags to be used when invoking mst restart step. For example: --mst_flags="--with_fpga"

--version,  -v

Print tool version

--help,  -h

show this help message and exit


Skip fsm syncing



query: Query reset Level. reset: Execute reset. reset_fsm_register: Reset the fsm register.

Reset levels

0: Driver, PCI link, network link will remain up ("live-Patch") 3: Driver restart and PCI reset 4: Warm Reboot 5: Cold Reboot

Reset types

0: Full chip reset 1: Phy-less reset ("port-alive" - network link will remain up)

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