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mstfwmanager - Man Page

Mellanox Firmware Manager






[-d|--dev DeviceName] [-h|--help] [-v|--version] [--query] [--query-format Format] [-u|--update] [-i|--image-file FileName] [-D|--image-dir DirectoryName] [-f|--force] [--no_fw_ctrl] [-y|--yes] [--no] [--clear-semaphore] [--exe-rel-path] [-l|--list-content] [--archive-names] [--nofs] [--log] [-L|--log-file LogFileName] [--no-progress] [-o|--outfile OutputFileName] [--online] [--online-query-psid PSIDs] [--key key] [--download DirectoryName] [--download-default] [--get-download-opt OPT] [--download-device Device] [--download-os OS] [--download-type Type] [--ssl-certificate Certificate]


Mellanox Firmware Manager



-d|--dev DeviceName

: Perform operation for specified mst device(s). Run 'mst status' command to list the available devices. Multiple devices can be specified delimited by semicolons. A device list containing semicolons must be quoted.


: Show this message and exit


: Show the executable version and exit


: Query device(s) info

--query-format Format

: (Query | Online query) output format, XML | Text - default Text


: Update firmware image(s) on the device(s)

-i|--image-file FileName

: Specified image file to use

-D|--image-dir DirectoryName

: Specified directory instead of default to locate image files


: Force image update


: Don't use FW Ctrl update


: Answer is yes in prompts


: Answer is no in prompts


: Force clear the flash semaphore on the device, No command is allowed when this flag is used. NOTE: May result in system instability or flash corruption if the device or another application is currently using the flash. Exercise caution.


: Use paths relative to the location of the executable


: List file/Directory content, used with --image-dir and --image-file flags


: Display archive names in listing


: Burn image in a non failsafe manner


: Create log file

-L|--log-file LogFileName

: Use specified log file


: Do not show progress

-o|--outfile OutputFileName

: Write to specified output file


: Fetch required FW images online from Mellanox server

--online-query-psid PSIDs

: Query FW info, PSID(s) are comma separated

--key key

: Key for custom download/update

--download DirectoryName

: Download files from server to a specified directory


: Use Default values for download

--get-download-opt OPT

: Get download options for OS or Device Options are: OS, Device

--download-device Device

: Use '--get-download-opt Device' option to view available devices for device specific downloads

--download-os OS

: Only for self_extractor download: Use '--get-download-opt OS' option to view available OS for sfx download

--download-type Type

: MFA | self_extractor - default All

--ssl-certificate Certificate

: SSL certificate For secure connection


1. Query specific device or all devices (if no device were supplied) >> mstfwmanager [-d <device>] [--query] 2. Burn device with specific image / MFA / images directory >> mstfwmanager -d <device> [-i <image file/MFA file> | -D <images dir>] 3. Update the card's firmware >> mstfwmanager -u 4. Update the card's firmware from latest version on the web >> mstfwmanager --online -u 5. Download latest FW package from the web >> mstfwmanager --download-default --download-os Linux_x64 --download-type self_extractor

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