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[-d|--dev DeviceName] [-h|--help] [-v|--version] [--query] [--query-format Format] [-u|--update] [-i|--image-file FileName] [-D|--image-dir DirectoryName] [-f|--force] [--no_fw_ctrl] [-y|--yes] [--no] [--clear-semaphore] [--exe-rel-path] [-l|--list-content] [--archive-names] [--nofs] [--log] [-L|--log-file LogFileName] [--no-progress] [-o|--outfile OutputFileName] [--online] [--online-query-psid PSIDs] [--key key] [--download DirectoryName] [--download-default] [--get-download-opt OPT] [--download-device Device] [--download-os OS] [--download-type Type] [--ssl-certificate Certificate]


Mellanox Firmware Manager



-d|--dev DeviceName

: Perform operation for specified mst device(s). Run 'mst status' command to list the available devices. Multiple devices can be specified delimited by semicolons. A device list containing semicolons must be quoted.


: Show this message and exit


: Show the executable version and exit


: Query device(s) info

--query-format Format

: (Query | Online query) output format, XML | Text - default Text


: Update firmware image(s) on the device(s)

-i|--image-file FileName

: Specified image file to use

-D|--image-dir DirectoryName

: Specified directory instead of default to locate image files


: Force image update


: Don't use FW Ctrl update


: Answer is yes in prompts


: Answer is no in prompts


: Force clear the flash semaphore on the device, No command is allowed when this flag is used. NOTE: May result in system instability or flash corruption if the device or another application is currently using the flash. Exercise caution.


: Use paths relative to the location of the executable


: List file/Directory content, used with --image-dir and --image-file flags


: Display archive names in listing


: Burn image in a non failsafe manner


: Create log file

-L|--log-file LogFileName

: Use specified log file


: Do not show progress

-o|--outfile OutputFileName

: Write to specified output file


: Fetch required FW images online from Mellanox server

--online-query-psid PSIDs

: Query FW info, PSID(s) are comma separated

--key key

: Key for custom download/update

--download DirectoryName

: Download files from server to a specified directory


: Use Default values for download

--get-download-opt OPT

: Get download options for OS or Device Options are: OS, Device

--download-device Device

: Use '--get-download-opt Device' option to view available devices for device specific downloads

--download-os OS

: Only for self_extractor download: Use '--get-download-opt OS' option to view available OS for sfx download

--download-type Type

: MFA | self_extractor - default All

--ssl-certificate Certificate

: SSL certificate For secure connection


1. Query specific device or all devices (if no device were supplied) >> mstfwmanager [-d <device>] [--query] 2. Burn device with specific image / MFA / images directory >> mstfwmanager -d <device> [-i <image file/MFA file> | -D <images dir>] 3. Update the card's firmware >> mstfwmanager -u 4. Update the card's firmware from latest version on the web >> mstfwmanager --online -u 5. Download latest FW package from the web >> mstfwmanager --download-default --download-os Linux_x64 --download-type self_extractor

See Also

The full documentation for mstfwmanager is maintained as a Texinfo manual.  If the info and mstfwmanager programs are properly installed at your site, the command

info mstfwmanager

should give you access to the complete manual.


March 2020 mstfwmanager 1.0, mstflint 4.14.0, built on Mar 3 2020, 14:02:20. Git SHA Hash: N/A