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mrs_tools-vis - Man Page

mrs_tools vis – Quick visualisation of a NIfTI-MRS file or FSL-MRS basis set


mrs_tools vis [-h] [--ppmlim LOW HIGH] [--mask MASK] [--save SAVE] [--display_dim DISPLAY_DIM] [--no_mean] FILE or DIR [FILE or list of FILEs...]


Positional Arguments


NIfTI file or directory of basis sets

Optional Arguments


Show a help message and exit.

--ppmlim LOW HIGH

Limit the fit to a freq range (default=(.2,4.2)).

--mask MASK

Mask for MRSI.

--save SAVE

Save fig to path.

--display_dim DISPLAY_DIM

NIFTI-MRS tag. Do not average across this dimension.


Do not plot the mean signal line in the case of multiple spectra.

See Also


mrs_tools-info(1), mrs_tools-merge(1), mrs_tools-split(1), mrs_tools-reorder(1), mrs_tools-reshape(1), mrs_tools-conjugate(1)

Referenced By

mrs_tools(1), mrs_tools-conjugate(1), mrs_tools-info(1), mrs_tools-merge(1), mrs_tools-reorder(1), mrs_tools-reshape(1), mrs_tools-split(1).

November 2023