mrs_tools-conjugate - Man Page

mrs_tools conjugate – Conjugate data to correct phase/frequency convention in a NIfTI-MRS file


mrs_tools conjugate [-h] --file FILE [--output OUTPUT] [--filename FILENAME]


Optional Arguments


Show a help message and exit.

--output OUTPUT

Output folder (defaults to current directory).

--filename FILENAME

Override output file names.

Required Arguments

--file FILE

File to conjugage.

See Also


mrs_tools-info(1), mrs_tools-vis(1), mrs_tools-merge(1), mrs_tools-split(1), mrs_tools-reorder(1), mrs_tools-reshape(1)

Referenced By

mrs_tools(1), mrs_tools-info(1), mrs_tools-merge(1), mrs_tools-reorder(1), mrs_tools-reshape(1), mrs_tools-split(1), mrs_tools-vis(1).

November 2023