mprof-report - Man Page

report generator for Mono's log profiler


mprof-report [option]... file.mlpd


mprof-report is the report generator for Mono's log profiler. It reads the MLPD log files produced by the log profiler and generates a report based on the options passed to it. The output is based on individual reports which can be turned on or off. By default, all reports are generated in summary form (i.e., non-verbose output).

mprof-report can read both normal and gzip(1)-compressed log files transparently.

For information about how to use the log profiler with a program, see the mono-profilers(1) page, under the LOG PROFILER section.


The following options are available:


Displays usage instructions.


Write the report output to file instead of standard output.


Show backtraces in reports when available.


Limit backtraces to num frames.


Generate only the specified reports. reports is a comma-separated list of reports. See the Reports section.


Sort methods according to mode, which can be one of:

total (default)

Sort by the total amount of time spent in a method and its callees.


Sort by the amount of time spent only within a method itself.


Sort by the total amount of calls made to a method.


Sort allocations according to mode, which can be one of:

bytes (default)

Sort by the amount of heap bytes occupied by all allocated objects of a type.


Sort by the total amount of allocations of a type.


Sort counters according to mode. This alters how the counters report is presented. It can be one of:

time (default)

Present a list of samples, each containing a list of counter name-value pairs.


Present a list of counter names, each containing a list of sampled values.

This option has no effect unless --verbose is passed.


Track what happens to the specified objects. objects is a comma-separated list of object addresses.


Find and track what happens to objects matching spec, which can have one of these forms:


Look for objects that are at least minimum_size bytes in size.


Look for objects whose type name contain name_fragment.

Both an S and T spec can be given by passing the option twice.


Consider only events from the thread with ID tid.


Consider only events occurring in the specified time span. span must be of the form from-to where from and to are seconds since the program started.


Print verbose output.


Print extremely detailed debug output. Most users should not use this option.


The following reports are available:


Program startup and profiler version and operational information.


JIT compiler statistics.


Garbage collection and handle statistics.


Flat statistical sampling profile.


Per-class GC allocation statistics and backtraces.


Method call statistics and backtraces.


Loaded images and assemblies.


Exception statistics and backtraces.


Monitor lock statistics and backtraces.


Managed thread names.


Loaded application domains.


Loaded remoting contexts.


Heap snapshot information.


Performance counter samples.

See Also

mono(1), mono-profilers(1)

Referenced By

mono(1), mono-profilers(1).