mpdtexpand - Man Page

manual page for mpdtexpand 1.6.9


Expand a (bounded-stack) MPDT as an FST.

Usage: mpdtexpand in.pdt [out.fst]


--connect: type = bool, default = true

Trim output? --keep_parentheses: type = bool, default = false Keep PDT parentheses in result? --mpdt_parentheses: type = string, default = "" MPDT parenthesis label pairs with assignments


Flags from:

--help: type = bool, default = false

show usage information --helpshort: type = bool, default = false show brief usage information --tmpdir: type = string, default = "/tmp" temporary directory --v: type = int32, default = 0 verbosity level

Flags from:

--fst_align: type = bool, default = false

Write FST data aligned where appropriate --fst_default_cache_gc: type = bool, default = true Enable garbage collection of cache --fst_default_cache_gc_limit: type = int64, default = 1048576 Cache byte size that triggers garbage collection --fst_read_mode: type = string, default = "read" Default file reading mode for mappable files --fst_verify_properties: type = bool, default = false Verify FST properties queried by TestProperties --save_relabel_ipairs: type = string, default = "" Save input relabel pairs to file --save_relabel_opairs: type = string, default = "" Save output relabel pairs to file

Flags from:

--fst_compat_symbols: type = bool, default = true

Require symbol tables to match when appropriate --fst_field_separator: type = string, default = "      " Set of characters used as a separator between printed fields

Flags from:

--fst_error_fatal: type = bool, default = true

FST errors are fatal; o.w. return objects flagged as bad: e.g., FSTs: kError property set, FST weights: not a Member()

Flags from:

--fst_weight_parentheses: type = string, default = ""

Characters enclosing the first weight of a printed composite weight (e.g., pair weight, tuple weight and derived classes) to ensure proper I/O of nested composite weights; must have size 0 (none) or 2 (open and close parenthesis) --fst_weight_separator: type = string, default = "," Character separator between printed composite weights; must be a single character


July 2018 mpdtexpand 1.6.9