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mpd - Man Page

MPD documentation

Examples (TL;DR)


mpd [options] [CONF_FILE]


MPD is a daemon for playing music. Music is played through the configured audio output(s) (which are generally local, but can be remote). The daemon stores info about all available music, and this info can be easily searched and retrieved. Player control, info retrieval, and playlist management can all be managed remotely.

MPD searches for a config file in $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/mpd/mpd.conf then ~/.mpdconf then ~/.mpd/mpd.conf then /etc/mpd.conf or uses CONF_FILE.

Read more about MPD at http://www.musicpd.org/



Output a brief help message.


Kill the currently running mpd session. The pid_file parameter must be specified in the config file for this to work.


Don't read from the configuration file.


Don't detach from console.


Print messages to stderr.


Verbose logging.


Print version information.



User configuration file (usually ~/.config/mpd/mpd.conf).


Global configuration file.

See Also

mpd.conf(5), mpc(1)


If you find a bug, please report it at https://github.com/MusicPlayerDaemon/MPD/issues/


Max Kellermann

Referenced By

mpc(1), mpd.conf(5), mpdscribble(1), ncmpc(1), ncmpcpp(1), playerctl(1).

Feb 04, 2024 0.23.15 Music Player Daemon