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mount_afp - Man Page

mount an afp (AppleShare) filesystem using FUSE


mount_afp[-oĀ options] afp_url node


The mount_afp command mounts the AFP volume denoted by the afp_url afp://[user[;AUTH=uamname][:password]@]host[:port]/volumename at the mount point indicated by node.

This is normally a symlink to the afp_client(1) executable, which is a full implementation to mount AFP volumes using the FUSE infrastructure. It communicates with afpfsd, a daemon that manages AFP sessions. The arguments and options are:


Options passed to mount(2) are specified with the -o option followed by a comma separated string of options. man page for possible options and their meanings. Additional options supported by the AFP Client are as follows:


The only available option is "-o volpassword=XXX" to set the volume password (since there is no facility for that in an AFP URL).


Mount the volume as writeable. This is the default, so it has no effect.


Mount the volume as readonly.


Mount the volume as groupname.


Mount the volume as username.


There are two forms of afp URL, one for TCP/IP and one for AppleTalk:



Denotes the afp server and sharepoint to mount. It may also contain the username & password required to log into the server. uamname is the protocol name of the authentication method. If port is not specified, then port 548 is used.


Path to mount point, which must be a directory that the user has write permissions for.


The following example illustrates how to mount the afp volume server.company.com/volumename/ at the mount point /Volumes/mntpnt:

mkdir /Volumes/mntpnt
mount_afp afp://username:userpass@server.company.com/volumename/ /Volumes/mntpnt

This example shows the proper url to use to mount the volume guestVolume from the afp server myserver as guest:

mkdir /Volumes/guest
mount_afp "afp://;AUTH=No%20User%20Authent@myserver/guestVolume" /Volumes/guest

The following shows how to use a username of "user:name" and password of "p@ssword":
server.company.com/volumename/ at the mount point /Volumes/mntpnt:

mkdir /Volumes/mntpnt mount_afp afp://user::name:p@@ssword@server.company.com/volumename/ /Volumes/mntpnt

This example shows the proper url to use to mount the volume myVolume from the afp server myserver using Kerberos authentication:

mkdir /Volumes/myVolume
mount_afp "afp://;AUTH=Client%20Krb%20v2@myserver/myVolume" /Volumes/myVolume

See Also

afp_client(1) (for a more AFP commands), afpcmd(1) (for a non-FUSE command line AFP client),


The mount_afp command first appeared Mac OS X version 10.0. Kerberos authentication was added in Mac OS X version 10.2. This syntax (and manpage) was used for afpfs-ng's fuse implementation.

Return Values


mount_afp successfully mounted the volume directory.


The server volume could not be mounted.

See Also

afp_client(1), afpfsd(1)

Referenced By

afp_client(1), afpfsd(1).

February 1, 2008