morbo man page

morbo ā€” Morbo HTTP and WebSocket development server


  Usage: morbo [OPTIONS] [APPLICATION]

    morbo ./script/my_app
    morbo ./
    morbo -m production -l https://*:443 -l http://[::]:3000 ./
    morbo -l 'https://*:443?cert=./server.crt&key=./server.key' ./
    morbo -w /usr/local/lib -w public -w myapp.conf ./

    -b, --backend <name>           Morbo backend to use for reloading, defaults
                                   to "Poll"
    -h, --help                     Show this message
    -l, --listen <location>        One or more locations you want to listen on,
                                   defaults to the value of MOJO_LISTEN or
    -m, --mode <name>              Operating mode for your application,
                                   defaults to the value of
                                   MOJO_MODE/PLACK_ENV or "development"
    -v, --verbose                  Print details about what files changed to
    -w, --watch <directory/file>   One or more directories and files to watch
                                   for changes, defaults to the application
                                   script as well as the "lib" and "templates"
                                   directories in the current working


Start Mojolicious and Mojolicious::Lite applications with the Mojo::Server::Morbo web server.

See Also

Mojolicious, Mojolicious::Guides, <>.


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