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mopidy - Man Page

music server



[-h] [–version] [-q] [-v] [–config CONFIG_FILES] [-o CONFIG_OVERRIDES] [COMMAND] …


Mopidy is a music server which can play music both from multiple sources, like your local hard drive, radio streams, and from Spotify and SoundCloud. Searches combines results from all music sources, and you can mix tracks from all sources in your play queue. Your playlists from Spotify or SoundCloud are also available for use.

The mopidy command is used to start the server.


--help,  -h

Show help message and exit.


Show Mopidy’s version number and exit.

--quiet,  -q

Show less output: warning level and higher.

--verbose,  -v

Show more output. Repeat up to four times for even more.

--config <file|directory>

Specify config files and directories to use. To use multiple config files or directories, separate them with a colon. The later files override the earlier ones if there’s a conflict. When specifying a directory, all files ending in .conf in the directory are used.

--option <option>, -o <option>

Specify additional config values in the section/key=value format. Can be provided multiple times.

Built in Commands


Show the current effective config. All configuration sources are merged together to show the effective document. Secret values like passwords are masked out. Config for disabled extensions are not included.


Show dependencies, their versions and installation location.

Extension Commands

Additionally, extensions can provide extra commands. Run mopidy –help for a list of what is available on your system and command-specific help. Commands for disabled extensions will be listed, but can not be run.



System wide Mopidy configuration file.


Your personal Mopidy configuration file. Overrides any configs from the system wide configuration file.


To start the music server, run:


To start the server with an additional config file, that can override configs set in the default config files, run:

mopidy --config ./my-config.conf

To start the server and change a config value directly on the command line, run:

mopidy --option mpd/enabled=false

The --option flag may be repeated multiple times to change multiple configs:

mopidy -o mpd/enabled=false -o spotify/bitrate=320

The mopidy config output shows the effect of the --option flags:

mopidy -o mpd/enabled=false -o spotify/bitrate=320 config

Reporting Bugs

Report bugs to Mopidy’s issue tracker at <https://github.com/mopidy/mopidy/issues>

Referenced By

mopidyctl(8), playerctl(1).

2021 3.4 Mopidy