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modulemd-validator - Man Page

validate modulemd documents


modulemd-validator[--quiet|--verbose|--debug] FILE...
modulemd-validator[--quiet|--verbose|--debug] --type=TYPE FILE


This tool validates modulemd documents specified with the positional arguments using a libmodulemd parser.

Without a --type option, all document types which can be found in a YUM repository will be recognized. In this case each FILE can contain multiple modulemd documents.

Otherwise, exactly one FILE containing exactly one modulemd document must be provided and the document will be validated against the given TYPE.



Constrain a document type. The recognized types are:


An obsolete format used for building and installing modules.


A deprecated format for building modules and a contemporary format for built modules which can be placed into a YUM repository and installed by a package manager.


A format for defining default streams and default profiles of a module. Found in YUM repositories.


A format for defining streams which reach or will reach its end of life. It can also recommend a new stream which obsoleted the old one. Found in YUM repositories.


An obsolete format for building modules.


A contemporary format for building modules.


A contemporary format for delivering localized human-oriented texts (e.g. a description or a summary) associated with a module. Found in YUM repositories.

Only single-document files are supported. For compatibility, if this options is not provided, any document type loadable into a modulemd index (i.e. those intended for YUM repositories) is acceptable.


Output debugging messages.

-q,  --quiet

Print no output.

-v,  --verbose

Be verbose.

-h,  --help

Print a usage text and then exit.

-V,  --version

Print a version number and then exit.

Exit Code

If the supplied documents are valid (and satisfy the --type constrain), zero exit code will be returned.  Otherwise a non-zero code will be emitted.

Reporting Bugs

Bugs and feature requests can be reported at the libmodulemd home page.

See Also

Specification of the modulemd documents is available in a yaml_spec directory at the libmodulemd home page.