mockchain man page

mockchain — chain package builder.


mockchain -r chroot_config [options]  [package...]


mockchain builds a series of srpms in mock one at a time. After each  successful build of a package it adds the resulting packages to a local  repo which are available to the next package to satisfy buildreqs.

Usage Notes

This does not try to sort the packages by build order b/c that is too much  effort and not obviously doable with the buildreq information we have.

The build process when you use -l is idempotent so a package which has  already been successfully built will not be built again.

If you want to force the rebuild of a package which has been built  successfully simply remove the 'success' file from the directory for  the package in the localrepo path.


-a REPOS, --addrepo=REPOS

add this repo baseurl to the yumconfig for the chroot. This can be specified multiple times. Let's you point to multiple paths beyond the default to pull build deps from.

-c, --continue

if a pkg fails to build, continue to the next one, default is to stop

-l LOCALREPO, --localrepo=PATH

set the path to put the results/repo in. This path needs to be somewhere accessible to users other than you for reading as the mock process doesn't run as you. Will make a tempdir if not set.


log to the file named by this option, defaults to not logging

-m OPTION, --mock-option=OPTION

pass the OPTION to mock. Can be used several times. For example:

-m --define="packager Monkey"

-r CONFIG, --root=CONFIG

chroot config name to use in the mock build


build all pkgs, record the failures and try to rebuild them again and again until everything gets built (or until the  set of pkgs failing to build are the same over) sets --continue


Seth Vidal

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