mobitool - Man Page

Utility for handling MOBI format ebook files.


mobitool[-cdeimrsuvx7] [-o dir] [-p pid] [-P serial] file


The program handles .prc, .mobi, .azw; .azw3, .azw4, some .pdb documents. Written as a test case for libmobi library.

Invoked without arguments prints document metadata and exits.

A list of flags and their descriptions:


dump cover


dump rawml text record


convert mobi to epub


print detailed metadata


print records metadata

-o dir

save output to dir folder

-p pid

set pid for decryption

-P serial

set device serial number for decryption


dump raw records


dump recreated source files


show rusage (diagnostics)


show version and exit


extract conversion source and log (if present)


parse KF7 part of hybrid file (by default KF8 part is parsed)


The following command decompiles given mobi document. The output folder will be created in /tmp.

mobitool -s -o /tmp

The following command converts mobi document to epub format.

mobitool -e

Return Values

The mobitool utility returns 0 on success, 1 on error.

Web Site

Visit for details.


For diagnostics libmobi must be configured with [--enable-debug] option.

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June 23, 2020