mobimeta - Man Page

Utility for modifying metadata of MOBI format ebook files.


mobimeta[-a meta=value[,meta=value,...]] [-d meta[,meta,...]] [-s meta=value[,meta=value,...]] [-p pid] [-P serial] filein [fileout]


The program handles .prc, .mobi, .azw; .azw3, .azw4, some .pdb documents. Written as a test case for libmobi library.

Invoked without arguments prints document metadata and exits. If fileout is specified, modified document will be saved with this name, otherwise original input filein will be modified.

A list of flags and their descriptions:

-a meta=value[,meta=value,...]

add (append) metadata

-d meta[,meta,...]

delete metadata

-s meta=value[,meta=value,...]

set (replace) metadata


for a list of valid named meta keys try mobimeta {-a | -d | -s} ?. If meta is an integer it will be treated as a numeric EXTH record key (expert usage).


new value that will be set for a given meta key

-p pid

set pid for decryption

-P serial

set device serial number for decryption


show version and exit


The following command will set new title, new author and will delete all publisher metadata (if any).

mobimeta -s title="My title",author="My name" -d publisher

The following command appends EXTH record identified by its numeric key 204 with numeric value 201.

mobimeta -a 204=201

The following command will list valid meta named keys.

mobimeta -a ?

Return Values

The mobimeta utility returns 0 on success, 1 on error.

Web Site

Visit for details.


For diagnostics libmobi must be configured with [--enable-debug] option.

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April 18, 2016