mm-common-prepare - Man Page

Prepare a C++ binding module to use mm-common and Autotools


mm-common-prepare [OPTION]... [SOURCE-DIR]


Run mm-common-prepare to copy the mm-common build support files into the source tree of a C++ binding module. The exact location these files will be copied to can be influenced through special macros in the file.


The Automake include files are placed into the AUX-DIR subdirectory of the top-level source directory. If AC_CONFIG_AUX_DIR is not specified, the files are placed at the top-level of the module's source tree.


If the MM_CONFIG_DOCTOOL_DIR macro is called with an explicit DOCTOOL-DIR argument, the common utilities required for generating and installing the reference documentation of a C++ binding module will be copied to the named subdirectory. If MM_CONFIG_DOCTOOL_DIR is not used or does not specify a DOCTOOL-DIR argument, mm-common-prepare will not copy the documentation utility files into the module's source tree. Instead, it is assumed that the module depends on mm-common and can use the installed documentation utilities that come with it.

If no SOURCE-DIR argument has been specified on the command line, the current working directory will be used.


-c, ā€‰--copy

copy files instead of creating symbolic links to them

-f, ā€‰--force

forcefully replace existing files or symbolic links


display a help message and exit


show version information and exit

Exit Status

The exit status is 0 if OK, or 1 if an error occurred.


The build support files currently copied by mm-common-prepare are listed below.

Automake include files copied to AUX-DIR:

Documentation utilities copied to DOCTOOL-DIR:




See Also

autoreconf(1), mm-common-get(1)


/usr/share/doc/mm-common/skeletonmm.tar.xz or


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2014-08-13 GNOME mm-common 1.0.6