mlmmj-process man page

mlmmj-process — process mail for an mlmmj managed mailinglist


mlmmj-process -L /path/to/list -m /path/to/mail [-h] [-P] [-V]

-h: This help

-L: Full path to list directory

-m: Full path to mail file

-P: Don't execute mlmmj-send (debugging only)

-V: Print version


This is the binary which processes a mail. Examples of what such processing is:

  • Access control

    Using the access rules specified in <listdir>/control/access to perform access control to the list. This is done before headers are stripped, so one can create allow rules based on headers that are later stripped.

  • Header stripping

    Headers specified in <listdir>/control/delheaders are deleted from the mail.

  • Header addition

    Headers specified in <listdir>/control/customheaders are added to the mail. This could be headers like List-ID: or Reply-To:

  • List control

    In case there's a mail with a recipient delimiter it's not a regular list mail. Processing of these happens in mlmmj-receive as well. Examples of such are subscription requests, mails to owner etc. It will base it's recipient delimiter detection on the Delivered-To: header if present. If not, the To: header is used.

  • Moderation

    If the list is moderated, it will happen in mlmmj-process.

When processing is done, it will invoke the needed binary according to whatever mail it is. If it's a subscription request it will invoke mlmmj-sub, if it's a regular list mail it will invoke mlmmj-send.

See Also

The file TUNABLES from the mlmmj source distribution or in the documentation directory of the operating system distribution.


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