mlmmj-make-ml - Man Page

create a mailing list for mlmmj


mlmmj-make-ml[-h] [-L listname] [-s spooldir] [-a] [-user] [-z]



Display help

-L listname

The name of the mailing list

-s spooldir

Your spool directory (default /var/spool/mlmmj)


Create the needed entries in your /etc/aliases file


User to chown the spool directory to (default not to chown at all)


Do nothing for now

This is an interactive script which creates the mailing list directory and thus the list itself for being run by mlmmj.


This manual page was written by the following persons: Søren Boll Overgaard <> (based on html2man output)
Mads Martin Jørgensen <>


It's not possible to create a list entirely on the command line.


September 1, 2004