mkss man page


— calculate average spectrum for spectral subtraction


mkss [options...] {filename}


mkss is a tool to estimate noise spectrum for spectral subtraction on Julius. It reads a few seconds of sound data from microphone input, calculate the average spectrum and save it to a file. The output file can be used as a noise spectrum data in Julius (option "-ssload").

The recording will start immediately after startup. Sampling format is 16bit, monoral. If outpue file already exist, it will be overridden.


-freq Hz

Sampling frequency in Hz (default: 16,000)

-len msec

capture length in milliseconds (default: 3000)

-fsize sample_num

frame size in number of samples (default: 400)

-fshift sample_num

frame shift in number of samples (default: 160)

See Also

julius ( 1 )


The same as Julius.

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