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create a composefs filesystem image


mkcomposefs SOURCE IMAGE


The composefs project uses EROFS image file to store metadata, and one or more separate directories containing content-addressed backing data for regular files.

mkcomposefs constructs the mountable "composefs image" using the source as input. It can also create the backing store directory. Typically the source is a directory, but with --from-file it can also be a file.


The provided SOURCEDIR argument must be a directory and its entire contents will be read recursively.  The provided IMAGE argument will be a mountable composefs image.

mkcomposefs accepts the following options:


This path will become a composefs "object store". Non-empty regular files in the SOURCEDIR will be copied (reflinked if possible) into this target directory, named after their fsverity digest. If possible, the added files will have fs-verity enabled.This directory should be passed to the basedir option when you mount the image.


Print the fsverity digest of the composefs metadata file.


Print the fsverity digest of the composefs metadata file, but don't write the image. If this is passed, the IMAGE argument should be left out.


Use a zero time (unix epoch) as the modification time for all files.


Don't add device nodes to the image.


Don't add xattrs to files in the image.


Only add xattrs with the "user." prefix to files in the image.


The source is a file in the composefs-dump(5) format. If the specified file is "-", the data is read from stdin.

See Also

composefs-info(1), mount.composefs(1), composefs-dump(5)

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