mkbinhmmlist man page


— convert HMMList file into binary format


mkbinhmmlist {hmmdefs_file} {HMMList_file} {output_binhmmlist_file}


mkbinhmmlist converts a HMMList file to binary format. Since the index trees for lookup are also stored in the binary format, it will speed up the startup of Julius, namely when using big HMMList file.

For conversion, HMM definition file hmmdefs_file that will be used together at Julius needs to be specified. The format of the HMM definition file can be either ascii or Julius binary format.

The output binary file can be used in Julius as the same by "-hlist". The format wil be auto-detected by Julius.

The pseudo phone extracted form acoustic model is outputed by version 4.2 or later. This cause faster starting Julius. However, It is required that using it with created acoustic model. Also, binhmmlist file created by mkbinhmmlist of this version or later cannot be used in earlier version.

mkbinhmmlist can read gzipped file.



Acoustic HMM definition file, in HMM ascii format or Julius binary format.


Source HMMList file


Output file, will be overwritten if already exist.


Convert a HMMList file logicalTri into binary format and store to logicalTri.bin:

See Also

julius ( 1 ) , mkbinhmm ( 1 )


The same as Julius.