mkbindic man page

mkbindic — Convert a text-form dictionary into a binary-form dictionary


mkbindic [-m | -s] [-name dicname] [-c version] textfile


mkbindic creates a binary-form dictionary (with extension .cbd or dicname) from a text-form dictionary textfile. With -c mkbindic creates old format dictionary. Current supported versions are 3.0 and 3.7.


% mkbindic user.ctd

A binary-form dictionary user.cbd and a frequency dictionary
user.cld are created from a text-form dictionary user.ctd.


mkbindic uses the value of this variable for the working directory when it makes temporary files. The value defaults to /tmp if not specified.

See Also

dicar(1), dpbindic(1)

Referenced By

dicar(1), dpbindic(1).

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