mip6d man page

mip6d — UMIP Mobile IPv6 and NEMO Basic Support protocol implementation


mip6d [options]


Mobile IPv6 and NEMO Basic Support implementation


-V, --version

Display version information and copyright

-?, -h, --help

Display this help text

-c <file>

Read configuration from <file>.  If option is not present, default path (/etc/mip6d.conf) is used.

These options override values read from config file:

-d <number>

Set debug level (0-10)

-C, --correspondent-node

Node is CN

-H, --home-agent

Node is HA

-M, --mobile-node

Node is MN


The following signals can be sent to the daemon:


Reload the configuration. See mip6d.conf(5) for information on supported option reload.


Terminates the daemon operation.



See Also

mip6d.conf(5), mipv6(7),

RFC6275: Mobility Support in IPv6

RFC3776: Using IPsec to Protect Mobile IPv6 Signaling Between Mobile Nodes and Home Agents

RFC4877: Mobile IPv6 Operation with IKEv2 and the Revised IPsec Architecture

RFC3963: Network Mobility (NEMO) Basic Support Protocol

Referenced By


May 16, 2005 Mobile IPv6 and NEMO Daemon