minipro man page

minipro — programs various chips using the Minipro TL866XX series of programmers.


minipro -l  | [-p device] [-c code|data|config] [-r|-w filename] [-e][-u][-P][-i|-I]

miniprohex [-p device] [-c code|data|config] [-r|-w filename] [-e][-u][-P][-i|-I]


minipro is an Open Source tool intended to become a complete cross-platform  replacement for the proprietary utility from Autoelectric. Currently it  supports more than 13000 of target devices - including AVRs, PICs as  well as a huge number of other microcontrollers and various memory  chips.



Get a list of supported devices.

-p <device>

Specify the device name.  If the desired device name contains a space,  parenthesis, or at sign; the device name MUST be surrounded by quotes.

-c <type>

Optionally specify memory type.  Possible values include "code", "data",  and "config".

-r <filename>

Read from the device and write the contents to this file.

-w <filename>

Write to the device using this file.


Do NOT erase device.


Do NOT disable write-protect.


Do NOT enable write-protect.


Do NOT verify after write.




Use ICSP (without enabling Vcc).


Do NOT error on ID mismatch.


If -c is omitted and -r is specified then the code, data (if applicable) and config (if  applicable) will be read from filename.$ext, filename.eeprom.$ext and  filename.config.txt correspondingly. If -c is omitted and -w is specified then -c code is getting enforced.

The -i and -I options enable use of ICSP port for TL866A models. The former enables  the voltage supply on the Vcc pin of the ICSP port while the latter  leaves it off.  These options are of no use for the TL866CS.

The Minipro TL866xx series of chip programmers is distributed by  Autoelectric.  Their website is


minipro was written by Valentin Dudouyt and is copyright 2014.  Many others  have contributed code and bug reports.


The canonical repository for minipro is at Github:
It is distributed under the GNU General Public License version 2 or (at  your option) any later version.
This software is offered as-is with no warranty or liability.  If you  find a bug or would like minipro to do something it doesn't currently  do, please visit the above Github website and report your concerns.


20 February 2014 (v0.1) Valentin Dudouyt