midi-disasm - Man Page

disassemble midi files


midi-disasm [ -d ] [ -s ] [ -q ]  [ file ]


midi-disasm disassembles a standard midi file into readable/editable text. midi-disasm prefers the file suffix ".mid" -- it will supply it if a file by the name given on the command line cannot be found. Its output is to stdout.

There are the following options for midi-disasm:


displays times as deltas from the time of the last midi event. A keyword "DELTA" is placed in the header line in the disassembly.


displays times in seconds and factions instead of midi ticks; the format is "<seconds>.<centiseconds>.<16nths of a centisecond>".


suppresses note-on and note-off output lines.


The code for midi-disasm is an elaboration of the program mftext by Tim Thompson, ...twitch!glimmer!tjt, who also wrote the first version of the library functions in midifile.c, which were elaborated for midi file output by M. Czeiszperger.
The rest is by Greg Lee, lee@Hawaii.edu.