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mid3cp - Man Page

copy ID3 tags


mid3cp [options] source dest


mid3cp copies the ID3 tags from a source file to a destination file.

It is designed to provide similar functionality to id3lib's id3cp tool, and can optionally write ID3v1 tags. It can also exclude specific tags from being copied.


--verbose,  -v

Be verbose: state all operations performed, and list tags in source file.


Write ID3v1 tags to the destination file, derived from the ID3v2 tags.

--exclude-tag,  -x

Exclude a specific tag from being copied. Can be specified multiple times.


Copy over frames instead of replacing the whole ID3 tag. The tag version of dest will be used. In case dest has no ID3 tag this option has no effect.


Marcus Sundman.

Based on id3cp (part of id3lib) by Dirk Mahoney and Scott Thomas Haug.