mhgui - Man Page

A GUI to access the web service


mhgui [Options]


mhgui is intended to access the web service behind the web site, to enable programming of Logitech Harmony remote controls that are only supported through this web site (which normally requires the use of Microsoft Silverlight).



Normally, mhgui will download its WSDL files from Sourceforge.  This option will force mhgui to use WSDL files from the local filesystem. This could be used for example, if Sourceforge was down for some reason.


This option will cause mhgui to log debug information related to its communications with the web service.  This is mainly useful for troubleshooting problems, and these logs may be requested by the developers.


Written by Scott Talbert.

Reporting Bugs

Report bugs to <>.

mhgui utilizes libconcord. Until mhgui grows its own sourceforge project, it piggy-backs off the concordance/libconcord mailing list.


October 2013