mglview - Man Page

Execute MathGL scripts and show in an window


mglview [parameters] scriptfile


mglview reads MGL scripts from scriptfile to produce plots of specified functions or data. The program will create a GUI window showing the script result. You can use - as file name for reading script from standard input. Another option is using *.mgld files for quick viewing 3d pictures.


-1 string

Set string as argument $1 for script.

-9 string

Set string as argument $9 for script.

-L locname

Set the locale to locname.


Print help message.


mglview was written by Alexey Balakin,

See Also

mglconv(1), udav(1), mgl(5)

Referenced By

mgl(5), mglconv(1), udav(1).

MARCH 2012 MathGL User Manuals