metamorphose2 man page

Métamorphose2 — a graphical mass renaming tool for files and folders.


metamorphose2 [/path/to/open/spaces ok]
metamorphose2 [-t] [-d] [-p /path/to/open] [[-c /path/to/file.cfg] [-a level (0-3)]] [-l language]


A GUI renaming tool with many powerful functions. Well suited for those that need to rename many files and/or folders on a regular basis. In addition to general usage operations, it is useful for photo and music collections, webmasters, programmers, legal and clerical, et cetera.

There is support for automating GUI tasks via command line, using the options described below.


There are two modes for options.

In the first mode, the only available option is a path to open. It is simply passed as the only argument to the command, spaces may be used. This mode cannot be used with any other options.

In the second mode, all options can be used but the option type must be declared. This is similar to almost all Unix type commands. A path to open would be specified using '-p', and spaces must be escaped.

Modes are switched automatically, based on the structure of the options.

Available Options :

-h,  --help       Show help screen and exit.
-t,  --timer      Show time taken to complete operations.
-d,  --debug      Show debugging information.
-p, --path        Specify a directory to load.
-c, --config      Specify a configuration file to load.
-a, --auto        Specify automatic mode level to use with configuration file :

                   0 = do not preview items
                   1 = auto preview items
                   2 = auto rename items
                   3 = auto rename items and exit on success

-l, --language   Override the preferred language.



User-specific preference files are found here. Do not edit these files directly, use the preferences menu.

If there are problems with the application that persist after reinstalling it, try deleting this folder.


Undo logs are stored here by default, this can be changed in preferences.


Configuration files are stored here by default.


Python 2.6, wxPython 2.8, Python Imaging Library (PIL), mutagen

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