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memstat — libmemcached Documentation

memstat — Display the operating status of a single or group of memcached servers


memstat [options]


memstat  dumps the state of memcached(1) servers. It displays all data to stdout.


You can specify servers via the option:

or via the environment variable:


which can be used to specify the "argument" sent to the stats command (ie slab, size, items, etc..).

For a full list of operations run the tool with:




To find out more information please check:

See Also

memcached(1) libmemcached(3)


Brian Aker

Referenced By

libmemcached(3), memcached_stat(3), memcached_stat_execute(3), memcached_stat_get_keys(3), memcached_stat_get_value(3), memcached_stat_servername(3).

February 09, 2014 1.0.18 libmemcached