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megatools-df - Man Page

Show total available, used, or free space in the cloud


megatools df [--free|--total|--used] [--mb|--gb|-h]


Shows available, used and free space in the cloud in machine or human readable formats.



Show only total available space (free + used).


Show only free space.


Show only used space.

--human , -h

Display file sizes in a human readable format.


Show in MiB units.


Show in GiB units.

-u <email> , --username <email>

Account username (email)

-p <password> , --password <password>

Account password


Never ask interactively for a password


Reload filesystem cache

--limit-speed <speed>

Set maximum allowed upload and download speed in KiB/s. This option overrides config file settings. 0 means no limit. When using ParallelTransfers > 1, upload speed limit is applied to each transfer individually.

--proxy <proxy>

Use proxy server to connect to mega.nz. This option overrides config file settings. More information can be found in libcurl documentation at ⟨https://curl.haxx.se/libcurl/c/CURLOPT_PROXY.html⟩. Some acceptable values are:

  • none : Disable proxy if it was enabled in the config file.
  • socks5://localhost:9050 : Local SOCKSv5 proxy server
  • socks5h://localhost:9050 : Local SOCKSv5 proxy server with DNS handled by the proxy
--netif <ifname|ip>

Network interface or local IP address used for outgoing connections. You have to specify IP address bound to some of your local network interfaces, when specifying an IP address.

--ip-proto <proto>

Which IP protocol to prefer when connecting to mega.nz (v4, v6, or any). This is just an advisory option. Megatools will resolve mega.nz domain, and then use an A or AAAA record based on the stated preference.

--config <path>

Load configuration from a file


Disable loading .megarc

--debug [<options>]

Enable debugging of various aspects of the megatools operation. You may enable multiple debugging options separated by commas. (eg. --debug api,fs)

Available options are:

  • http: Dump HTTP request/response details (can be used to debug connection/proxy issues)
  • api: Dump Mega.nz API calls
  • fs: Dump Mega.nz filesystem (may require --reload to actually print something)
  • cache: Dump cache contents
  • tman: Dump transfer manager events

Show version information


Known Bugs

Megadf can’t determine available space for premium accounts.

See Also

megatools(1), megarc(5), megatools-df(1), megatools-dl(1), megatools-get(1), megatools-ls(1), megatools-mkdir(1), megatools-put(1), megatools-reg(1), megatools-rm(1), megatools-copy(1).


Part of the megatools(1) suite of commands.


Report bugs to megatools@megous.com . Your message will end up in a public archive, so be careful what you say or send.


Megatools was written by Ondrej Jirman < megatools@megous.com >, 2013-2022.

Official website is ⟨http://megatools.megous.com⟩.

Referenced By

megarc(5), megatools(1), megatools-copy(1), megatools-dl(1), megatools-export(1), megatools-get(1), megatools-ls(1), megatools-mkdir(1), megatools-put(1), megatools-reg(1), megatools-rm(1), megatools-test(1).

25 January 2024