mdoc - Man Page

Mono documentation management tool


mdoc command [options] [args]


mdoc is an assembly-based documentation management system.

mdoc permits creating and updating documentation stubs based on the contents of an assembly.  It does not rely on documentation found within  the source code.

The advantages are:

Documentation can be generated using the mdoc update command:

    mdoc update -o docs/en ProjectName.dll

Once the documentation stubs have been generated (and hopefully later filled  in with actual documentation), there are three ways to view the documentation:

Mdoc Commands

mdoc assemble

Compiles documentation for use within the monodoc(1) browser.

See the mdoc-assemble(1) man page for details.

mdoc export-html

Exports documentation into a directory structure of HTML files.

See the mdoc-export-html(1) man page for details.

mdoc export-msxdoc

Exports documentation into the single-file  Microsoft XML Documentation format.

See the mdoc-export-msxdoc(1) man page for details.

mdoc help

View internal help for a given command.

    mdoc help assemble

is equivalent to:

    mdoc assemble --help

Multiple sub-commands may be listed at once:

    mdoc help assemble export-html update validate
mdoc update

Updates documentation, adding and removing members based upon a reference assembly.

See the mdoc-update(1) man page for details.

mdoc validate

Validates the documentation against the Mono documentation schema.

See the mdoc-validate(1) man page for details.

See Also

mdoc(5), mdoc-assemble(1),  mdoc-export-html(1),  mdoc-update(1), mdoc-validate(1)

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Referenced By

groff_mdoc(7), mdassembler(1), mdoc(5), mdoc-assemble(1), mdoc-update(1), mdvalidater(1), monodocer(1), monodocs2html(1).