mdb-json - Man Page

Export data in an MDB database table to JSON.


mdb-json [-D fmt] [-T fmt] [-U] database table
mdb-json -h|--help
mdb-json --version


mdb-json is a utility program distributed with MDB Tools.

It produces a CSV (comma separated value) output for the given table. Such output is suitable for importation into databases or spreadsheets.


-D,  --date-format fmt

Set the date format (see strftime(3) for details).

-T,  --time-format fmt

Set the date/time format (see strftime(3) for details).

-U,  --no-unprintable

Change unprintable characters to spaces (otherwise escaped as \u00XX).


Print the mdbtools version and exit.




Defines the charset of the input JET3 (access 97) file. Default is CP1252. See iconv(1).


Defines the output charset to use for the SQL file. Default is UTF-8. mdbtools must have been compiled with iconv.


Colon-separated list of options:

  • debug_like
  • debug_write
  • debug_usage
  • debug_ole
  • debug_row
  • debug_props
  • debug_all is a shortcut for all debug_* options
  • no_memo (deprecated; has no effect)
  • use_index (experimental; requires libmswstr)

See Also

mdb-array(1) mdb-count(1) mdb-export(1) mdb-header(1) mdb-hexdump(1) mdb-import(1) mdb-parsecsv(1) mdb-prop(1) mdb-queries(1) mdb-schema(1) mdb-sql(1) mdb-tables(1) mdb-ver(1)


mdb-json first appeared in MDB Tools 0.9.


The mdb-json utility was written by Ugo Di Girolamo. It is based on mdb-export(1).

Referenced By

mdb-array(1), mdb-count(1), mdb-export(1), mdb-header(1), mdb-hexdump(1), mdb-import(1), mdb-parsecsv(1), mdb-prop(1), mdb-queries(1), mdb-schema(1), mdb-sql(1), mdb-tables(1), mdb-ver(1).

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