mdb-export - Man Page

Export data in an MDB database table to CSV format.


mdb-export [--no-header] [--delimiter delim] [--row-delimiter delim] [[--no-quote] | [--quote char [--escape char]]] [--escape-invisible] [--date-format fmt] [--datetime-format fmt] [--bin strip|raw|octal|hex] [--boolean-words] database table
mdb-export --insert backend [--namespace prefix] [--batch-size int] database table
mdb-export -h|--help
mdb-export --version


mdb-export is a utility program distributed with MDB Tools.

It produces a CSV (comma separated value) output for the given table. Such output is suitable for importation into databases or spreadsheets.

Used with --insert, it outputs SQL specific to backend dialect, including some constraints like NOT NULL and foreign keys.


-H,  --no-header

Suppress header row.

-d,  --delimiter delim

Specify an alternative column delimiter. Default is , (comma).

-R,  --row-delimiter delim

Specify a row delimiter. Default is \n (ASCII value 10).

-Q,  --no-quote

Don't wrap text-like fields (text, memo, date) in quotes.  If not specified text fiels will be surrounded by " (double quote) characters.

-q,  --quote char

Use char to wrap text-like fields. Default is " (double quote).

-X,  --escape char

Use char to escape quoted characters within a field. Default is doubling.

-e,  --escape-invisible

Use C-style escaping for return (\r), tab (\t), line-feed (\n), and back-slash (\\) characters. Default is to leave as they are.

-I,  --insert backend

INSERT statements (instead of CSV). You must specify which SQL backend dialect to use. Allowed values are: access, sybase, oracle, postgres, mysql and sqlite.

-N,  --namespace prefix

Prefix identifiers with prefix.

-S,  --batch-size int

Size of insert batches on supported platforms.

-D,  --date-format fmt

Set the date format (see strftime(3) for details.

-T,  --datetime-format fmt

Set the date/time format (see strftime(3) for details.

-0,  --null char

Use char to represent a NULL value. -b, --bin strip|raw|octal|hex Binary export mode: strip binaries, export as-is, output \ooo style octal data or output \xx style hexadecimal data.

-B,  --boolean-words

Use TRUE/FALSE in Boolean fields (default is 0/1).


Print the mdbtools version and exit.


Most of the formatting options actually also works with --insert.



Defines the charset of the input JET3 (access 97) file. Default is CP1252. See iconv(1).


Defines the output charset to use for the SQL file. Default is UTF-8. mdbtools must have been compiled with iconv.


Colon-separated list of options:

  • debug_like
  • debug_write
  • debug_usage
  • debug_ole
  • debug_row
  • debug_props
  • debug_all is a shortcut for all debug_* options
  • no_memo (deprecated; has no effect)
  • use_index (experimental; requires libmswstr)

See Also

mdb-array(1) mdb-count(1) mdb-header(1) mdb-hexdump(1) mdb-import(1) mdb-json(1) mdb-parsecsv(1) mdb-prop(1) mdb-queries(1) mdb-schema(1) mdb-sql(1) mdb-tables(1) mdb-ver(1)


mdb-export first appeared in MDB Tools 0.1.


The mdb-export utility was written by Brian Bruns.


Memo fields are allowed to contain a newline characters, the current program does nothing about this.

Referenced By

mdb-array(1), mdb-count(1), mdb-header(1), mdb-hexdump(1), mdb-import(1), mdb-json(1), mdb-parsecsv(1), mdb-prop(1), mdb-queries(1), mdb-schema(1), mdb-sql(1), mdb-tables(1), mdb-ver(1).

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