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mda2psf - Man Page

extract the font from a dump of the IBM PC MDA ROM


mda2psf [--codepage=page] [--compaq] [INPUTFILE [OUTPUTFILE]]


mda2psf converts the 14-pixel font in the character ROM used by IBM's MDA and CGA video cards to PC Screen Font format. raw2psf(1) can handle most ROM dumps (including the two 8-pixel fonts in this ROM), but the 14-pixel font requires a specialised utility.



Add a Unicode directory for the specified codepage, which can be  identified by number or name. The original MDA ROM used codepage 437. See psfpages(1) for a list of valid codepage names.


Assume the input file is in the format used by the Compaq CGA ROM, not the  IBM MDA/CGA ROM.

See Also

psfs2mda(1), raw2psf(1), psfpages(1)


John Elliott <jce@seasip.demon.co.uk>.

Referenced By

fnt2psf(1), psfs2mda(1), raw2psf(1).

21 June, 2008 Version 1.0.8 PSF Tools