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md2html - Man Page

convert Markdown to HTML


md2html [OPTION]... [FILE]


General options

-o,  --output=OUTFILE

Write output to OUTFILE instead of stdout(3)

-f,  --full-html

Generate full HTML document, including header

-s,  --stat

Measure time of input parsing

-h,  --help

Display help and exit

-v,  --version

Display version and exit

Markdown dialect options


CommonMark (the default)


Github Flavored Markdown

Note: dialect options are equivalent to some combination of flags below.

Markdown extension options


Collapse non-trivial whitespace


Do not translate entities


Allow ATX headers without delimiting space


Allow URL autolinks without "<" and ">" delimiters


Allow WWW autolinks without any scheme (e.g. "www.example.com")


Allow e-mail autolinks without "<", ">" and "mailto:"


Enable all 3 of the above permissive autolinks options


Force all soft breaks to act as hard breaks


Disable indented code blocks


Disable raw HTML blocks


Disable raw HTML spans


Same as --fno-html-blocks --fno-html-spans


Enable tables


Enable strikethrough spans


Enable task lists

See Also



June 2019 General Commands Manual