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mctc-convert - Man Page

Convert between supported input formats of the tool chain library


mctc-convert [options] input output


Read structure from input file and writes it to output file. The format is determined by the file extension or the format hint. The input structure can be read from standard input by providing - as argument. Similarly, the output structure can be written to standard output with - as argument. Standard input and standard output should be combined with a format hint option.

Supported formats:


-i,  --input format

Hint for the format of the input file

-o,  --output format

Hint for the format of the output file


Normalize all element symbols to capitalized format

--template file

File to use as template to fill in meta data (useful to add back SDF or PDB annotions). Transfers lattice, periodicity, comments and format specific annotations from the template to the input structure. If the standard input, -, is provided the template structure will be read before the input structure.

--template-format format

Hint for the format of the template file (only used if template file name is provided)


Do not read charge and spin from .CHRG and .UHF files


Print program version and exit


Show this help message