mate-volume-control - Man Page

The MATE Volume Control application


mate-volume-control [Options]


The MATE Volume Control application is an audio mixer that enables you to mix audio and adjust volume levels of various audio mixer devices on your system.


-b, --backend=pulse|alsa|oss|null

Launch mate-volume-control with the selected sound system backend.

-d, --debug

Enable debugging code.

-p, --page=effects|hardware|input|output|applications

Launch mate-volume-control on the specified page/tab.

-v, --version

Output version information and exit.


X display to use.

-?, -h, --help

Print standard command line options.


Print all command line options.

This program also accepts the standard GTK+ options.

Print GTK+ options.


Should you encounter any bugs, they may be reported at


This Manual Page has been written for the MATE Desktop Environment by

Adam Erdman <> (2014)

See Also

MATE Volume Control documentation can be found by clicking the “Help” button, or by pressing the F1 key.

Further information may also be available at:

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