mate-typing-monitor - Man Page

take a break from typing


mate-typing-monitor [Options...]


This executable is part of the package 'mate-control-center': The MATE Control Center.

If you use too much computer you may be risking your health. Use this tool for reminding yourself to take little (typing) breaks in regular intervals.

During the break, you can:

 o Stretch arms and legs

 o Open the window and breathe in

 o Juggle with balls or clubs

 o Close and rub your eyes

 o Have some fine green or herbal tea


This program accepts the standard MATE and GTK options.


This manual page was writtenby Mike Gabriel <> for the Debian project (but may be used by others).

See Also

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mate-control-center(1), gtk-options(7)


2014-05-02 MATE