mate-session-save - Man Page

End or save the current MATE session


mate-session-save [--logout] [--force-logout] [--logout-dialog] [--shutdown-dialog] [--gui] [--kill [--silent]]


The mate-session-save program can be used from a MATE session to either end the current MATE session or save a snapshot of the currently running applications (but not both). This session will be later restored at your next MATE session.


The --gui option will report errors in dialog boxes instead of printing to stderr.

If called with the --logout option, the current MATE session will be ended, unless logging out has been inhibited by an application. The --force-logout option can be used to end the session regardless of the inhibition state.

When the --logout-dialog option is given, the standard dialog displaying logout options is displayed. When --shutdown-dialog option is given, the standard dialog displaying shutdown options is displayed.

The --kill and --silent options are deprecated. The --kill option is equivalent to the --logout-dialog option. If --silent is used with --kill, then it will behave as if --logout was used.

The session is not saved when mate-session-save is called with any of the options ending the session.



Log out


Log out, ignoring any existing inhibitors


Show logout dialog


Show shutdown dialog


Use dialog boxes for errors


X display to use.


Output version information and exit.

-?, ā€‰-h, ā€‰--help

Print standard command line options.


Print all command line options.


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This Man Page has been updated/re-written for the MATE Desktop Environment by

Adam Erdman <> (2014)


This Manual was originally written for gnome-session by

Miguel de Icaza <> (2000)
Vincent Untz <> (2009-2010)

See Also

Further information may also be available at:

mate-session-properties(1), mate-wm(1), mate-session(1)

Referenced By

mate-session(1), mate-session-properties(1), mate-wm(1).

11 February 2014 MATE Desktop Environment