mate-screensaver - Man Page

The MATE Desktop Screensaver and Locker


mate-screensaver [Options]


MATE Screensaver is the default screen saver and locker for the MATE Desktop. It is designed with simplicity and security in mind. mate-screensaver integrates well with the MATE desktop, and it supports User Switching and the ability to lock down configuration settings.



X display to use.


Don't start as a daemon


Enable debugging messages for mate-screensaver


Output version information and exit.

-h, ā€‰--help

Print standard command line options.


Print all command line options.

This program also accepts the standard GTK options.


Should you encounter any bugs, they may be reported at


mate-screensaver is maintained by

Perberos <>
Steve Zesch <>
Stefano Karapetsas <>

This Man Page has been updated for the MATE Desktop Environment by

Adam Erdman <> (2014)


gnome-screensaver was written by William Jon McCann <>

This manual page was originally written by Sven Arvidsson <> (2007)

See Also

Further information may also be available at:

mate-screensaver-command(1), mate-screensaver-preferences(1), gtk-options(7)

Referenced By

mate-screensaver-command(1), mate-screensaver-preferences(1).

13 February 2014 MATE Desktop Environment