customize MATE display behavor


mate-display-properties-install-systemwide <SOURCE_FILE> <DEST_NAME>


This executable is part of the package 'mate-control-center': The MATE Control Center.

This command line tool installs a RANDR profile for multi-monitor setups into a systemwide location.  The resulting profile will get used when the RANDR plug-in gets run in mate-settings-daemon.


a full pathname, typically /home/username/.config/monitors.xml


relative name for the installed file.  This will get put in the systemwide directory for RANDR configurations, so the result will typically be /etc/mate-settings-daemon/xrandr/DEST_NAME


This manual page was writtenby Mike Gabriel <> for the Debian project (but may be used by others).

See Also

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mate-control-center(1), mate-display-properties(1), mate-settings-daemon(1),


2014-05-02 MATE