mate-dictionary - Man Page

Look up words on dictionaries

Examples (TL;DR)


mate-dictionary [options]

or select Dictionary from the Accessories submenu of the Applications menu.


MATE Dictionary provides dictionary definitions of words, using a dictionary source.

For full documentation see the MATE Dictionary online help.


--look-up word

Looks up the specified word using the pre-defined dictionary source.

--match word

Matches one or more words using the pre-defined dictionary source.

-s source or --source source

Uses the specified source for looking up words.  This does not affect the global settings.

-n or --no-window

Using this switch with the --look-up will print the definitions found on the console without launching the GUI.

-D database or --database database

Use the specified database for looking up words. This does not affect the global settings.


Display help information.


All the configuration is handled using GSettings.


MATE Dictionary was originally written by Spiros Papadimitriou (<>), Mike Hughes (<>) and Bradford Hovinen (<>).

Emmanuele Bassi (<>) rewrote it from scratch.

This manual page was originally written by Jochen Voss <>.

See Also

dict(1), dictd(8),, RFC 2229


Jul 11 2015 mate-utils 1.10.2