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markad - Man Page

marks advertisements in VDR recordings.


markad [options]


MarkAd marks advertisements in VDR recordings.


Usage: markad [options] cmd <recording>
-b , --background

markad runs as a background-process
this will be automatically set if called with "after"

-l , --logocachedir

directory where predefined logos were stored, default /var/lib/markad
notice: channels sometimes change their logo, you have to to keep the cache up to date
wrong logos will result in bad mark results


if there is no suitable logo file found, markad will try to find the logo from the recording and store the result in the recording directory
<option>   0 = disable, only use logos from logo cache directory
           1 = deprecated, do not use
           2 = enable, if there is no suitable logo in the logo cache directory (default)
               find logo from recording and store it in the recording directory
               use it only on systems with >= 1 GB main memory


this option is only available on command line usage
decode all video frame types
use it only on powerful CPUs, it will double overall run time


this option is only available for command line usage
full re-encode video generated by --cut
use it only on powerful CPUs, it will double overall run time
<streams>  all  = keep all video and audio streams of the recording
           best = only encode best video and best audio stream, drop rest

-p , --priority=<priority>

software priority of markad when running in background
<priority> from -20...19, default 19

-r , --ioprio=<class>[,<level>]

io priority of markad when running in background
<class> 1 = realtime, <level> from 0..7, default 4
            2 = besteffort, <level> from 0..7, default 4
            3 = idle (default)
make sure your I/O scheduler supports scheduling priorities and classes (e.g. BFQ or CFQ)

-v , --verbose

increments loglevel by one, can be given multiple times

-B , --backupmarks

make a backup of existing marks

-L , --extractlogo=<direction>[,width[,height]]

extracts logo to recording directory as pgm files (must be renamed)
<direction>  0 = top left,    1 = top right
                 2 = bottom left, 3 = bottom right

-O , --OSD

markad sends an OSD-Message for start and end

-R , --log2rec

write logfiles into recording directory

-T , --threads=<number>

number of threads used for decoding, max. 16
(default is the number of cpus)

-V , --version

print version-info and exit


sets loglevel to the specified value
<level> 1=error 2=info 3=debug 4=trace


set a different markfile-name


disables creation of markad.pid file in recdir

--online[=1|2] ( default is 1 )

start markad immediately when called with "before" as cmd
if online is 1, markad starts online for live-recordings
only, online=2 starts markad online for every recording
live-recordings are identified by having a '@' in the
filename so the entry 'Mark instant recording' in the menu
Setup - Recording of the vdr should be set to 'yes'

--svdrphost=<ip/hostname> ( default is )

ip/hostname of a remote VDR for OSD messages


re-encode AC3 stream to fix low audio level of cutted video on same devices
requires --cut
use it only if you really need it, it is very CPU consuming


cut video based on marks and store it in the recording directory
there are no splits of the target file, make sure your filesystem can handle big files


use hardware acceleration for decoding
all methods supported by FFmpeg (ffmpeg -hide_banner -hwaccels)
e.g.: vaapi, vdpau, vulkan, cuda ...


run decoder performance test and compare software and hardware decoder


use VPS events from markad.vps to optimize start and stop marks

--svdrpport=<port>  ( default is 6419 )

port of a remote VDR for OSD messages

cmd: one of
-                         dummy-parameter if called directly
nice                      runs markad directly and with nice(19)
after                     markad started by vdr after the recording is complete
before                    markad started by vdr before the recording is complete, only valid together with --online
edited                    markad started by vdr in edit function and exits immediately
<record>                  is the name of the directory where the recording is stored

Exit Status


Successful program execution


An non-recoverable error has been detected, markad has given up. See stderr, syslog or log file in the recording directory for more information


Written by Jochen Dolze <vdr@dolze.de>

Reporting Bugs

Report bugs to https://github.com/kfb77/vdr-plugin-markad/issues


25 May 2012 0.1.4 A program for the Video Disk Recorder