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manedit - Man Page

UNIX Manual Page IDE


manedit [section] [manual_page] [options] [GUI_options]


ManEdit is an integrated UNIX manual page development environment (IDE) using the GIMP Tool Kit (GTK).

Editing of UNIX manual pages is done using ManEdit's Editor, which edits UNIX manual pages using a simplified version of the XML format, eliminating the need for the user to use the more complex GROFF/TROFF format (native UNIX manual page format).

The UNIX manual page that you are editing can then be viewed at any time using ManEdit's Viewer by going to View->Preview.

To start learning how to create and edit UNIX manual pages using ManEdit, run manedit and go to Help->Tutorial.

The [section] specifies the section number from 1 to 8 (used only with the --viewer option).

The [manual_page] specifies the path to the manual page file to open at startup or the name of the manual page when using the --viewer option.


--config <path>

Specifies the configuration file.


Same as --config.


Same as --config.


Specifies to start up with the Viewer.


Prints the help screen and exits.


Prints the version information and exits.



Local configuration file.


Global program directory.


Help and tutorial files.


Manual page template files, used in the creation of new manual pages.


Global manual pages directory.


Global manual pages directory (used by newer UNIX distributions).


Global X11 manual pages directory.


Global local manual pages directory.

Environment Variables


Fallback for HELPBROWSER.


Specifies the command to execute the preferred help browser.


Specifies the path to the user's home directory.


Specifies the path to the temporary files directory.


Fallback for USERNAME.


Specifies the user's name.


To run this program the standard way, type:

# manedit &

To run this program and load a manual page at startup, type:

# manedit [manual_page] &

You can run it as a viewer by specifying the --viewer option so that it starts up with a viewer instead of an editor window:

# manedit --viewer [manual_page] &


Tara Milana

Head programmer

Dan Stimits


See Also

man(1) manview(1)


1.2.1 WolfPack Entertainment Integrated Development Environments