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make_strings - Man Page

tool to build lists of localizable strings from Objective-C files


make_strings [--help] [--verbose] [--aggresive-import] [--aggressive-match] [--aggressive-remove] [-L languages] files.[hmc...]


make_strings parses Objective-C files and builds lists of localizable strings.  It then creates new .strings files or merges the strings with existing .strings files.  It's fairly intelligent when matching old and new strings, and produces .strings files that are (supposed to be) easy for a translator to work with.

make_strings accepts the following options:



Prints a short list of available options.


Prints additional information while processing.

-L languages

Specify which languages to process.  Multuple -L options are accepted, or multiple languages defined in one -L flag.


Activates --aggresive-match and automatically removes "dummy" entries that are added by importing .strings files which were not created by make_strings program.  This option is suitable when make_strings is run for the first time and there is an existing .strings file which contains a fairly accurate translation.


This option will make make_strings assume that matching keys should have matching translations.  This can save lots of work, but it increases the risk of erroneous translation.


Removes obsolete strings/keys.


make_strings -L "English Swedish Russian" *.[hm]

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make_strings was written Alexander Malmberg <alexander@malmberg.org>.

This manual page was added by Yavor Doganov <yavor@gnu.org>.


August 16, 2009 GNUstep System Manual