man page — Send the smoke report by mail


$ ./ -t mailx -d ../perl-current [more options]


$ ./ -c [smokecurrent_config]


Options depend on the type option, exept for some.


Configuration file

-c | --config <configfile> Use the settings from the configfile can use the configuration file created by Other options can override the settings from the configuration file.


General options

-d | --ddir <directory>  Set the directory for the source-tree (cwd)
--to <emailaddresses>    Comma separated list (
--cc <emailaddresses>    Comma separated list
-t | --type <type>       mail mailx sendmail sendemail Mail::Sendmail
--nomail                 Don't send the message
--report                 Create a report anyway
--defaultenv             It was a PERLIO-less smoke
--[no]ccp5p_onfail       Do (not) send failure reports to perl5-porters
-v | --verbose <0..2>    Set verbose level
-h | --help              Show help message (needs Pod::Usage)
--man                    Show the perldoc  (needs Pod::Usage)
options for -t mail/mailx

no extra options

options for -t sendmail

--from <address>

options for -t sendemail

--from <address>
--mserver <smtpserver>  (localhost)
--muser <smtpserverusername>
--mpass <smtpserverpassword>

options for -t Mail::Sendmail | MIME::Lite

--from <address>
--mserver <smtpserver>  (localhost)


This is a small front-end for Test::Smoke::Mailer.

See Also

Test::Smoke::Mailer, Test::Smoke::Reporter


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