lxi - Man Page

a tool for managing LXI compatible instruments.

Examples (TL;DR)


lxi [--help] [--version] <command> [<args>]


lxi is a commandline tool for controlling LXI compatible instruments such as modern oscilloscopes, power supplies, spectrum analyzers, etc.


-h,  --help

Display help

-v,  --version

Display program version


discover [<options>]

Search available networks for LXI devices

scpi [<options>] <scpi-command>

Send SCPI command

screenshot [<options>] [<filename>]

Capture screenshot

benchmark [<options>]


run <filename>

Run Lua script

Discover Options

-t,  --timeout <seconds>

Timeout in seconds

-m,  --mdns

Search via mDNS/DNS-SD

Scpi Options

-a, --address <ip>

IP address of LXI device

-p, --port

Use port

-t, --timeout <seconds>

Timeout in seconds

-x, --hex

Print response in hexadecimal

-i, --interactive

Enter interactive mode

-r, --raw

Use raw/TCP protocol

Screenshot Options

-a, --address <ip>

IP address of LXI device

-t, --timeout <seconds>

Timeout in seconds

-p, --plugin <name>

Use screenshot plugin by name

If this option is omitted the tool will automatically try to select the most suitable plugin.

-l, --list

List available screenshot plugins

To write screenshot image to stdout simply use '-' as the output filename.

Benchmark Options

-a, --address <ip>

IP address of LXI device

-p, --port

Use port

-t, --timeout <seconds>

Timeout in seconds

-c, --count <count>

Number of request messages

-r, --raw

Use raw/TCP protocol


Search for LXI instruments:

lxi discover

Search for LXI instruments using mDNS/DNS-SD:

lxi discover --mdns

Send SCPI command:

lxi scpi --address "*IDN?"

Send SCPI command and dump response to file:

lxi scpi --address "*IDN?" > response.txt

Capture screenshot from a Rigol 1000Z series oscilloscope:

lxi screenshot --address --plugin rigol-1000z

Or by using screenshot plugin autodetection simply:

lxi screenshot --address

Note: Some LXI devices are slow to process SCPI commands, in which case you might need to take care to increase the timeout value.


Visit https://lxi-tools.github.io


Written by Martin Lund <martin.lund@keep-it-simple.com>


2023-02-21 lxi-tools 2.7