lxdvdrip - Man Page

a command line dvd backup tool


lxdvdrip [-parameter=value]


lxdvdrip is able to rip a DVD title or chapters, reauthor the files to a DVD structure, preview the files and burn to a DVD+/-R.

lxdvdrip is for those who want to make dvd backups with the minimum of fuss.


A summary of options is included below. For a complete description, see the README in /usr/share/doc/lxdvdrip.

-h,  --help

Show summary of options.

-v,  --version

Show version of program and list all other helper applications that are installed on your system.

You must only give those parameters with another value as defined in the config-file (/etc/lxdvdrip.conf, ~/.lxdvdrip.conf). The default values are in brackets () behind the parameters.


vamps, vamps_menu (Vamps incl. Menu), mplayer, transcode, trans_par (Transcode parallel), vlc_par (VLC with Transcode parallel), vlc (VLC with Transcode), copy, partcopy (-st=vamps). Defined program calls. Each option represents a different approach to backing up a DVD.


Directory for temp-Files for ripping with mplayer (-tmp=/tmp)


Multiplexer, only with -st=mplayer, use mplex instead of tcmplex when having problems with tcmplex (-mp=tcmplex)


Nr of the ripping Title, "lsdvd" shows all Titles, regulary the longest Title, 0=longest title will be calculated by lxdvdrip, l=select from list (-t=0)


Rip Angle x of DVD (only for DVDs with more than one Angle) (-angle=0)


High Quality Backup, copy 1 DVD-9 => 2 DVD-5, -hq=1=>1 part1, -hq=2=>2 part2 (-hq=0)


dvdauthor with -v (Video Format) (0=no,1=yes) (-vf=0)

-a=Language Audio

"-a=1": only german, "-a=2": only english, "-a=3": german+english, "-a=4,xy" in language xy, i. E. "-a=4,fr" for french, "-a=l" for list for free selection of audiotracks (-a=2)


0=first Track in Language, 1=AC3 with Channel first, AC3/2 twice, 2=DTS first (not with mplayer) (-ad=0)


Name of DVD (Volume-ID/Label)


0=without Chapter, 1=with Chapter/lxdvdrip, 2=with Chapter/tcprobe (-chap=1)


Nr of the ripping subpicture-track (info with lsdvd), 0=without  subtitles, l=list, input Nr., alternative Language, i. E. "-u=de", f=all forced subtitles (only with transcode parallel), a=all subtitles (only with vamps) (-u=0)


Directory for the ripping Files (-fv=/tmp/film-dvd)


Normally factor or requant will be calculated, but you can overwrite the factor with your value, by "-f=-1" lxdvdrip makes a testrip of one Chapter to calculate Factor. (-f=0)


Device-Name of DVD-Reader (-dl=/dev/dvd), ISO-file (-dl=isofile) or  directory on hd with VIDEO_TS-Subdir (-dl=/home/user/dvd).


Device of the Burner (-db=/dev/scd0)


1=growisofs, 2=cdrecord, 3=cdrecord on the fly, 4=create ISO-Image "dvdrip.img", 5=create ISO-Image with  "Volume-ID.img", 0=no burning (-bp=1)


1: Program asks you for next DVDR after each Copy. 0: Only one DVDR, then program ends. (-mc=0).


burning Speed (-sp=0)

-wb=Wait for Burn

Program ask you for DVD-R before burning (1=yes, 0=no) (-wb=1)


Format DVD-/+RW, (0=no, 1=yes) (-format=0)


player for VOB-preview, off=no Preview (-vp=mplayer)


Program in english (default translated english!)


Delete VOB-Files after Burning (0=no, 1=yes) (-d=1)


Check for free disk space before ripping (0=no, 1=yes) (-free=1)

-check=Check for Audiotracks

Check for count audio tracks with tcprobe (0=no, 1=yes) (-check=1)


Instead dvdauthor+growisofs Result in a File, i. E. "-file=/tmp/dvd.vob" -file=0=>Option off (-file=0)


1=dvdwizard on, 0=dvdwizard off (-dw=0)


lxdvdrip was written by Stefan Becker.

Homepage: http://developer.berlios.de/projects/lxdvdrip/


Kel Modderman <kelrin@tpg.com.au>, Updated bey Stefan Becker.


March 13, 2007