lxdream - Man Page

A dreamcast emulator


lxdream [options] [disc-image-file] [program-file]



-A,  --audio=audio-driver

Set the preferred audio driver. If the specified audio driver cannot start, the system will try all other available drivers in the standard order. To see which drivers are  supported, run lxdream -A ?

-c,  --config=config-filename

Load configuration information from config-filename instead of the system default

-d,  --debugger

Launch the debugger on startup (GTK platforms only).

-h,  --help

Print command line usage information

-H,  --headless

Run in headless mode (no GUI or video output). This is mainly useful for testing CPU  functions and performance. Equivalent to -V null.

-l,  --log=log-level

Set the system log level to the specified level of verbosity, which must be one of the following options: FATAL, ERROR, WARN, INFO, DEBUG, TRACE (non-case-sensitive, and only the first letter is required). The default level is WARN.

-m --multiplier=scale

Change the SH4 core clock speed using the supplied floating-point multiplier, where 1.0 is full speed, 0.5 is half speed, and so on. The default is 0.5.


Don't start running on startup, even if a disc or program file was supplied. By default the system will start automatically if a disc or program was given on the command line.


Start running on startup, even if no disc or program file was supplied. By default the system will only start automatically if a disc or program was given on the command  line.

-t,  --run-time=seconds

Run the dreamcast for exactly the specified amount of time, and then terminate, ie  lxdream -pt 5.2  will exit after 5.2 seconds of emulated runtime. Useful for performance measurements of arbitrary sections of code.

-T,  --trace=trace-list

Activate I/O region tracing for the specified list of MMIO regions. This option is only available if lxdream was configured with --enable-trace. If enabled, trace-list may be a comma-separated list of 1 or more of the following: ALL, ASIC, AICA0, AICA1, AICA2, AICARTC, EXTDMA, PVR2, MMU, UBC, BSC, DMAC, CPG, RTC, INTC, TMU, SCI, and SCIF.

Warning: this option implicitly sets the verbosity level to 'trace', and will generate a huge amount of output.

-u,  --unsafe

Allow unsafe dcload syscalls. Without this option, the only permitted calls are reads, writes, and seeks on stdin, stdout and stderr. If you're writing your own code that uses the other syscalls, you probably want to enable this. Otherwise it's safer to leave it off.

-v,  --version

Print the lxdream version string.

-V video-driver

Set the preferred video driver. If the specified video driver cannot start, the system will exit with an error. To see the available video drivers, run lxdream -V ?


Disable the SH4 translator and run in pure emulation mode. Generally you only want to do this for testing purposes (ie if you think you've found a translator bug) as it's much slower this way.



Default user configuration file. This will be created at startup if it doesn't  already exist, unless an alternative file is specified with -c.


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